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Conversation about raising project funding and thoughts on African development.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 31 January 2018
Joseph emphasises the need for having skin in the game, government guarantees and local high net worth's supporting local entrepreneurs.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 17 January 2018
Joseph talks about the importance of community relations and finding an enabling environment - setting up in a community that is ready for your business and a supportive fiscal policy.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 28 November 2017
Folabi discusses the chain of trust, the need to get the fundamentals right when investing in the long term and been ready to build on ground if your expecting a return from African investments.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 21 November 2017
Folabi talks about comapny valuation been in the eye of the beholder, been the stewards of capital and creating successful African business role models who can be replicated.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 14 November 2017
Afolabi discusses the dangers of not knowing the characters you’re going to bed with including his own personal experience, snapshot vs trends of Nigerian history to measure risk and biting the bullet to bring in the best people.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 07 November 2017
Afolabi tells us about a deal that was even better than MTN, doing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as far back as 1998 and developing each company they invest in for exit.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 31 October 2017
Eghosa talks about the traps international investors fall into when investing in emerging markets, the value of informal diligence, media driven perception of the risk of investing in Africa and the danger of making assumptions even if it's from smart people.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 24 October 2017
Eghosa shares his advice on pitching to himself, the importance of story telling and understanding your market and admitting to knowing what you don't know.
Posted by Emem Rita Usanga | 21 August 2017
In search of early stage team members who are equally as passionate to contribute to economic development of Africa, who do notlike to be put in a box, who are prometheans.