On the hunt for prometheans

23 August 2017 | Business, Team

Bnkability came about, not in a light bulb moment, an epiphany or anything that grand. It was actually taken from an initial idea to solve the plethora of Africa investment events issue or the lack of value that tends to come from them especially for project owners. Having never worked in the Investment industry and looking at the problem as a Nigerian with tech goggles on. I soon realised there was a better way to solve this problem.

This is not a response to "africa rising" story but a dawning realisation that I can either continue to debate the rights and wrongs of politicians, lack of institution, corporate governance and the African way of doing things or I can get my hands dirty and do something about it. Don't get me wrong when I went to Nigeria in 2014 and witnessed how much things had changed yet remained the same, I saw opportunities abound. I toyed with a few ideas including property and textiles but these had logistical challenges that I am in no position to overcome. More importantly, I did not feel these ideas would be able to fully take advantage of my breadth of skills.

GoogleX's Obi Felton challenging, we the members of Women@Campus, to build our own moonshots was my light bulb moment. Fast forward to September, Bnkability was born following an initial attempt as the Co-Founder of InvestWell Africa. I have the unshakable belief that Africa is at impasse where there is an opportunity not just to leapfrog but critically re-think the way things are done and re-invent business models. Bnkability is not business as usual. It aims to change the way the funding process works for infrastructure projects in Sub-Sahara Africa. Creating a frictionless platform that seamlessly brings project owners and investor together. Increasing the volume of bankable projects in the market thereby increasing the amount of investment going into the continent.

Bnkability takes advantage of the best of what I do and affords me the opportunity to do some of the things I really want to do more of especially product development. Now, I am looking for my Co-Founders and initial team.

  • A Full Stack Software Developer who understands (or can get their head around) the technological challenge of building a platform with two diversely different users - one with with constraints and limitations due to poor infrastructure and one for whom the use of technology, known or unknown, is a way of life. Someone who understands that the programming language we decide to use has long term and far reaching financial implications on the business not just the platform. Someone who understands that the only way to go fast is to go well.
  • A Natural Language Processing Engineer hungry to learn new skills and algorithms to model a problem. Someone with one foot in the academic world and the other in real/practical world. Someone who understands that smartness is not in complexity but in the ability to simplify complex concepts for everyone to understand.
  • African political intelligence expert with an intimate understanding of moves and shakes across the continent. Someone who appreciates that onground intelligence and serendipitously been in the right place at the right time is still the best way of been in the know.
  • Business Analyst who can look at Afrian projects with their native hat on rather than through the monocle of western lenses.

I am looking for people that do not just accept but challenge.

I am looking for people who believe in the "we just haven't found a solution yet" way of thinking.

I am looking looking for flexible and adaptable individuals.

I am looking for the curious and gracious.

I am looking for Prometheans.

If this sounds like you and you're passionate about been part of the African economic development story, drop us an email and let's have a coffee (or tea).

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