Not Business As Usual

Bnkability came about, not in a light bulb moment, an epiphany or anything that grand. It was actually taken from an initial idea to solve the plethora of Africa investment events issue or the lack of value that tends to come from them especially for project owners.

This is not a response to the "Africa rising" story but a dawning realisation that we can either continue to debate the rights and wrongs of politics, lack of institution, corporate governance, access to finance and the African way of doing things or we can get my hands dirty and do something about it.

Bnkability was born with an unshakable belief that Africa is at impasse, where there is an opportunity not just to leapfrog but critically re-think the way things are done and re-invent business models.

We aim to redefine the way the creditworthiness and bankability is defined in Sub-Sahara Africa.

We aim to be a contributor to the economic growth of the continent.

Bnkability is not business as usual.


There are two key things that get us out of bed every day, our reason for being - we want to reverse the trend of imports over exports as the primary type of trade in Africa and we want to help shift the needle on the 3.5% of total foreign direct imvestment that goes to Africa annually.

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