Bnkability is built with features to
handhold you through the bankability process

Correct Format

All documents are in the format that you required so your team don't have to waste time re-formatting them.

Co-Investor Invites

Invite your co-investors to assesss a project before you even indicate interest so you know who's on board with you as early as possible.

Filtered Projects

All projects are filtered so you only receive projects that meet your specific criteria and investment thesis.

No more document chasing.

All projects documents and information are immediately available to view and download in one place and in the format that you need it allowing your team to get on with full due diligence now.

Document validation already done.

All regulatory, legal and technical documents have been validated already taking the headache out of bureaucratic validation processes.

Potential issues flagged.

With integrity checks already completed in advance, any potential red flags are highlighted. Your team can start investigating sooner, skipping the discovery phase.