Bnkability is built with features to
ease the path to becoming credit worthy

Document Share

All your documents are uploaded and stored in one place so you easily share everything you need with investors.

Control Access

Control who sees your project by granting full access to prospective investors if and when you choose to do so.

Assessment Report

Create a PDF version of your assessment answers to take to any financier to prove you have ticked all the necessary boxes.

Pre-empting regulatory challenges.

We make sure you tick all regulatory and international quality assurance boxes to reduce the likeliness of your product been rejected at the port of embarkment.

Don't risk sending your product without a guarantee.

The biggest risk to your shipment is the buyers banks letter of credit not been robust preventing you from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, the shipment and the collateral against the trade finance.

Stay one step ahead of due diligence.

Discover any blockers and red flags that may arise during the due diligence process and resolve them before applying for trade finance.

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