Bnkability is designed so we do the heavy lifting
allowing you to assess a business's credit worthiness.

Full Documentation

All documents are immediately accessible in once place so need to chase or wait for documents to be provided.

Due Diligence

All deals have been fully vetted, documents validated and entities checked. The important information you need for a deep dive is at your fingertips.

Assessment Report

See an overview of the proposed deal to quickly understand exactly what information is available before committing to a deep dive.

Who owns the product?

We'll tell you where the product originates from and ensure there's a robust delivery and quality mitigation plan in place if there's an aggregation partner.

Who's the banker?

You can be assured of no payment risk as we check the buyers bank rating and ensure a confirmation or insurance wrap is in place.

Who's who in the deal?

We complete full KYC on both seller and buyer including any secondary buyer in the chain, giving a complete view of the parties and entities in the deal